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The cat boarding hotel is in the North-Shore of Montreal, Quebec. We offer home visits for the following areas: Montreal, Laval, Mirabel, North-Nord, Laurentides, Longueuil, Brossard, South-Shore, Mascouche, Terrebonne, Lanaudiere

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  1. How to reserve with us
  2. Boarding fees and rates
  3. Cats we do not accept
  4. What we offer
  5. Cat evaluation form to fill out before reserving
  6. If you want to visit us
  7. Visiting your cat during the boarding period
  8. Food for your cat
  9. Vaccination
  10. Our daily routine
  11. Litter and litter box
  12. If your cat is not declawed, not neutered or not spayed
  13. Testing your cat for a 3 day stay
  14. How will your cat react the first 24-36 hours
  15. How will your cat react when he returns back home
  16. Cat home visit information

Boarding availability check form


cat boarding montreal

Cost and cat boarding rates

1 cat
1 to 4 nights ***$ 100.00
5 nights and more$ 20.00 per night
Special rate #1$ 400.00
(20-24 nights)
Special rate #2$ 450.00
(25-31 nights)
2 cats
3 nights ***$ 100.00
4 nights and more$ 25.00 per night
Special rate #1$ 475.00
(20-24 nights)
Special rate #2$ 525.00
(25-31 nights)
3 cats
3 nights ***$ 100.00
4 nights and more$ 30.00 per night
Special rate #1$ 525.00
(20-24 nights)
Special rate #2$ 575.00
(25-31 nights)

The litter and litter box is included with all boardings. You need to bring your cat's food. It may be possible to pick up your cat and bring your cat back depending on the time of year and your area. Transportation fees may apply.

** The special rate may not be applicable all year round therefore the full rate will apply

*** You can reserve for 3 nights or less only a couple of days before your desired boarding date.

Payments accepted: bank e-transfer, credit card, cash and sometimes check

How to reserve with us

The first step is to have the exact dates of boarding. If your flight leaves early in the morning or arrives late at night, you may need one or two extra nights of boarding.

If we have a place for those dates, you will need to fill out a questionnaire that we send you by email or you can use our online pet evaluation form.

A copy of the contract will be emailed to you and in some cases, a down payment will be required.

Cats we do not accept in boarding, the home visits are STRONGLY suggested for the below reasons

  • cats that are nervous or get car sick
  • cats that are territorial or that hate other cats
  • cats that have behavior issues
  • cats that are vocal, scream or constantly meow
  • cats that urinate outside of the litter box (you will be responsible for any damages)
  • cats that take medication (please contact us for more information)
  • diabetics with or without insulin

What we offer

  • we offer a safe environment for your cat. It is impossible that your cat will run away or get attacked by another cat.
  • it is not our job to punish or educate your cat.
  • give your cat the feeling of security
  • clean bowl of food
  • clean litter box
  • water always fresh
  • our presence, game time and petting time

Cat evaluation form to fill out before reserving

Before reserving, you need to fill out the online pet evaluation form (click here for form) or we can send it to you by email. We use this form to evaluate if we can accept your cat in boarding. As well, it is to know as much as possible the information on your cat, especially what is normal and what is not normal.

Your cat's food

You need to supply the hard and soft food for the boarding period. Never change your cat's food right before the boarding, this can cause digestive upset (unless specified by your vet).

We cannot separate cats during meal time or give very specific amounts of food to each (for example, making sure one cat eats 1/2 cup and the other 3/4 cup, this is not possible to do if they are in the same room). You will need to pay for an extra boarding room so your cats can be separated.

If you want to visit us

You can visit us upon appointment only. First, you need to have the exact boarding dates and we need to have place for those dates. Second, you need to fill out the pet evaluation form and your cat needs to be accepted. Third, you need to be aware of the total boarding fees and agree on the amount. Visiting hours are Monday to Friday on daytime and on weekends before 11am. Do not bring your cat during the visit.


The vaccines are not mandatory but recommended in the cold winter months. We suggest the basic ones at least once in their lifetime. 1) herpes (rhinotracheitis)
2) calici
3) panleukopenia (feline distemper)
4) feline leukemia - FeLV
5) rabies

If you vaccinate your cat, you must wait 30 days before boarding him.

Visiting your cat during boarding

Unfortunately, it is not possible to visit your cat during boarding. To see how your cat is doing, he will have a web page and/or emails will be sent regularly.

Daily routine

  • your cat will have our presence 7 days a week, every 2 hours, from 7am to 9pm, 7 days a week, even on Holidays
  • the water and food bowls are washed at least once a day
  • the litter box is cleaned many times a day and completely washed after 7-10 days
  • the floors are swept daily (or vacuumed if your cat is not terrified of the vacuum) and washed every 3 days
  • if your cat wants, playtime and brushing

Litter information

The litter is included during the boarding. We use unscented, dust-free, clumping Intersand litter.

Testing your cat for a 3 day stay

If you require boarding for long term or are unsure how your cat will react to the boarding, you can do a test boarding. A two-night/three-day boarding will give us enough time to evaluate your cat and is sometimes required if we are unsure if we can board your cat for a long period of time. We don't accept advance bookings for the 3 day stay, you can only book at the last minute when a 3 day is available.

How will your cat react on the first day of boarding

Normally, the first 24-36 hours, cats will not eat and won't use the litter box. They might be hissing and spitting and somewhat in attack mode. This is a very stressful time for your cat. Sometimes the cat may stay in his carrier for hours when he arrives in his room. If this is the case, we do not force your cat to come out. He will come out when he is ready. It is normal that your cat may not recognize you when he arrives in the boarding room and may even try to attack.

For the road
Your cat needs to be in a carrier from your car to the boarding room. It is suggested to put a towel or small blanket at the bottom of the carrier in case your cat vomits / urinates or has diarrhea during the trip. We recommend no food 2-3 hours before the road.

How will your cat react when he goes back home

Normally, your cat will run around the house for 10-15 minutes screaming. When you see he as calmed down, it is time for the hugs and kisses.

Cats that are not declawed, not neutered/spawed

The rooms are built to accommodate cats with their claws. Lots of different kinds of scratchers are available.
We don't accept cats that are not spawed/neutered.

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